Monday, September 4, 2017

Vivian Park to Provo Lake Trail Trials

Barbara and Kent joined us today to ride the Provo River Parkway from Vivian Park to Provo Lake. We parked one car at the Lake, and the other at Vivian Park, thinking that would be easy, as it is downhill all the way!

Everything started out great, and it literally went downhill from there! Although the trail is beautiful, and the weather was great, we had a number of mishaps.

By the time we hit Bridal Veil Falls we still thought everything was great!

But, soon I realized I had a flat tire! I had turned to look behind me, and run off the path into some sharp rocks! Fortunately, we had a spare tube and Barbara had a pump!

Ed dropped his phone, narrowly missing the river, but it cracked the screen!

Kent went over the handlebars at Exchange Park in Provo, when we stopped too suddenly in front of him!

I ran into a chain link fence while trying to avoid some riders making a wide turn around a blind corner!

Barbara's chain came off!

Kent scraped his elbow, wrist, both knees and bruised his side!

Barbara and I took a wrong turn on the way to the truck, and had to turn around and come back!

The scenery was beautiful, and the 15 mile ride was easy, but we were jinxed!

We were happy that Mooyas is open again. We stopped there for lunch and to lick our wounds!

It cheered us up to meet up with Brittany, John, Mabel and Clementine there, as well!

It was a good day...and a bad day!

UPDATE: Kent went to the hospital and was checked out thoroughly. He has two cracked ribs, and is going to stay home and take some pain meds for a few days! Get better soon, Kent!

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