Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baltimore Oriole

We went to the National Aquarium with the Alfords on Saturday. They had come to Baltimore for a work-related awards dinner Thursday. We see them more here than we did in Denver! We met in downtown Baltimore on Saturday. We were lucky to see a real Baltimore Oriole at the aquarium. The baseball team is not doing so hot. No one wants to talk about them!

We saw the dolphin show, which was fun, although it really only lasted about 20 minutes, and 5 minutes of that was a video reminding us to save the planet.

One poor dolphin had to do all the great tricks. The other dolphins hung around for the free fish.

We finished off a fun afternoon with a ride on "Chessie," the dragon boat. Ron and Ed paddled and Janan and I just enjoyed floating around in the Chesapeake Bay!


  1. Life in Baltimore looks like a big party! I love the birds you have there.

  2. Is it that always the way it is, one over achiever does all the work and the other reap the benefits.