Sunday, May 9, 2010

Colorado Again

Ed and I were forced to buy sweatshirts that said UNC on them when we got to Colorado. The temperature was a little chillier than we'd planned on. It was hot when we left Baltimore! The sweat shirts will also be nice reminders of Amanda's college graduation.

We spent Friday night at Verlene and Paul's B&B. We had some great schnitzel and enjoyed watching the sunset over the Front Range from Verlene's deck. We enjoyed the mountain view. That's going to have to last me for another month now.
Brittany got a good lick from Brandy in this picture. John got a kick out of it. Why is it so much fun to take pictures of animals? We all had to get in the act.
This is a great dog picture because the caption would be "Andy, Brandy and Mandy."

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