Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Work Goes On

It really looks like the contractors haven't done much this week, but it's been huge! All the wiring and plumbing is in, and the drywall is patched up. They finished the mud today and will sand the kitchen walls tomorrow.

They also finished the crown molding in the dining room and living room. I think the colors we picked for the dining room turned out terrific. (Imagine it without the blue painter's tape!)
In an effort to make myself feel more useful, I went back into the copse and picked up more sticks. I now have 3 giant piles. Hopefully, we can get someone to come over and chip the wood into tiny pieces and shoot it back into the forest! The straw in the foreground is the covering on our spray-on grass. It's rained a little this week, and tiny shoots of grass are starting to peek through the straw.

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