Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorable Memorial Weekend

Billy Ray left took the day off yesterday, but left the rest of the contractor crew to work on our house. I thought because Billy Ray went sailing in Puerto Rico this weekend we should also have a party. So I invited the boys from El Salvador to lunch. I made scones, and Ed (who was home sick) was able to join us. But that was just the beginning of our party.

In case the boss should happen to read my blog, I want to make it clear, that plenty of work went on--shown here by this picture of Alex digging post holes for the deck.

After work the entertainment began. Roberto and I started it off with a rousing rendition of Sombrero Azul, a song about El Salvador. I played the charango and Roberto played bass.

This was followed up by variations combinations of Roberto and Alex doing some solos and duets. They both play guitar and sing in both English as well as Spanish. I thought it's too bad they don't have a Salvadoran Idol TV show, because Alex would be a shoe-in (zapato-adentro?). 

Ed and Henry were the audience and I did some taping, some of which may appear on you-tube in the near future! It was a fun way to kick off our holiday weekend.

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