Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Party at the Bushes

There are so many people at my house it feels like a party. This is the plastic curtain our contractor put in our kitchen. It protects the house from dust, but it also keeps me from seeing everything that's going on behind the curtain. I wander behind the curtain every hour or so just to see what's cookin'.

Meanwhile, the outside workers are filling in the holes in our backyard and getting the final grading done. Here we have one guy with a shovel and two guys supervising!

After the grading was done they sprayed the area with grass seed and straw. If we get a little rain we'll have grass in a month. This would never fly in Colorado. I think that is why the lot sizes are smaller in Colorado. Who could afford to lay down 2 acres of sod?

I have the greatest looking shelves in the garage now. It felt good to put my canned food back on the Shelf-Reliance shelf and start putting away garage items in the other shelves.The left cabinets have a laminate countertop, but the right side has granite on the countertop!

And, to top off a great day, I even got shelves in the upstairs laundry room. That beats a wire shelf all to pieces! I love storage!

What made just average kitchen cabinets turned into really fancy laundry room and garage cabinets!

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  1. Wow, the laundry room looks great. Granite counter tops in the garage is pretty impressive!