Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bar Template

We're still living in chaos, with no end in sight. The good news is that the granite company came over and made a template for the bar and counters, as well as the master bathroom. It's exciting to think that in a week we'll have granite. In the meantime, I'd settle for having a sink today! They forgot to bring a sink with them, so it looks like I'll be spending a second day without a kitchen sink. Oh, well, just another excuse not to cook tonight!


  1. I tried to subscribe, but I only got a link to my own site, even when I put your address in. I will try again when I get home. I am limit to what I can do at work, but I go to your site about once a day, less on weekends.

  2. I think my new hair looks a little like the stye you have now.