Tuesday, May 18, 2010

People of the Book(ies)

I was able to Skype into Bookies this afternoon. They were all happy after Nora had fed them Serbo-Italian chicken. I had a dry donut and a glass of water so they wouldn't feel sorry for me.

We read People of the Book. It was very entertaining, following the history of a Jewish manuscript for 500 years. It was fiction, but we learned a lot about the inquisition (a very bad time to be alive), as well as the Holocaust (another downer) and modern day Sarajevo (again, not so good of a time to be alive) and Australia. Nora, as always gave us some insight and said that a happy ending for Lola (one of the characters) might not have been realistic. I like books that show people who triumph over difficult circumstances. Apparently, some people just survive them. Look at the bookies (in the Skype picture above). They have all triumphed over some real trials in their lives. I like them better than Lola (from the book). I'm glad we've been able to meet together for 14 years! One of the ways we (the Bookies) have triumphed is that we were able to Skype each other today with no help from anyone! Necessity is the mother of invention. When we want something bad enough we figure out how to do it. We are not just survivors, but triumphant survivors. Viva Bookies!

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