Friday, September 24, 2010

Acquarium and Lighthouse

We ran through the National Aquarium yesterday so we could hit the dolphin show on time. This was the only fish we saw, but it was a good one! (Notice the green eel in the background!)

After the dolphin show, complete with it's "Save the Big Blue Planet" indoctrination session, we had time to dally with the jelly fish. They are so beautiful, I can't understand how they could hurt a fly!

We walked over to the Seven Knoll Lighthouse, which is also on the Inner Harbor. Look who showed up--Uncle Jon! He couldn't stand it that Mom and Ed are endearing themselves with us, so he flew in for the day! He has now visited us four times!
The lighthouse had been moved from it's previous location in the middle of the harbor. The keepers didn't even have a patch of grass--just a house on stilts. Mom is taking our picture from the park bench where they waited while those of us under 80 went in the lighthouse.