Friday, September 10, 2010

Mike Check

The Black Eyed Susans had their first practice with microphones yesterday. Tricia couldn't make it, so we had Lynsey, Kaylene's daughter play the bass! I hope Tricia doesn't read this, because I want to say that Lynsey just picked it up and played like she'd been doing it her whole life! The schools were out yesterday for Rosh Hashanna! It's a different world out here in the East!

Amanda and Joanie (Mary's daughter) played their fiddle song for us. They'll also be performing at our gig next Saturday night. All the girls did so well that we invited them to lunch with us at Chili's after practice.


  1. Jewish friends have told me that Denver has a large Jewish community. Guess "large" is a relative word.

  2. So, I did read this post! Do you want to swap bass players??? :-)