Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day at the Mall

We went to the Library of Congress yesterday. It is such a beautiful building. It rivals any of your fancy European buildings, and the paintings are so colorful and vibrant. We enjoyed the Bibles and the American history. I loved the South American artifacts. We had some good laughs with Bob Hope, who also has his own exhibit.

Ed (the Younger) dropped us off at the World War II monument, then parked the car. He ended up getting a little more exercise than the rest of us. Mom and Ed (the Elder) did really well, though, and walked all the way down to the Lincoln Memorial. They held down a park bench while Ed and I climbed to the top.

We were also able to visit the FDR memorial on the way to the car. It is very beautiful with lots of water and shade. It was a lucky thing for FDR that he got his shrine in 1997 when his star was still shining. Today people are starting to suspect FDR prolonged the depression with his make-work projects.

 When we got home Miss Carol took us all out for liver and onions in Westminster. It's the Monday special. Ed (the Elder) happily ate a plateful. Fortunately, they also had other menu choices for the rest of us.

Amanda was able to join us for dinner, as well as Lenny (who takes care of the horses),  Kay (his fiancee)  and Peggy (Lenny's mother). Bullocks, where we ate, apparently grows its own beef. It was fresh off the hooves!

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