Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Farm Visit

Sunday we took Mom and Ed over to Cold Saturday Farm after church. Miss Carol took us down to the barns. Mom said it was a much fancier farm than the one she grew up on. Green grass has a tendency to make a place look nice. It's hard for western farms to compete with that!

Coda and the two pug dogs raced around in circles like maniacs. It tired us out just watching them! We invited Miss Carol up to our house for a hearty bowl of beef stew afterwards. Amanda did a repeat performance of The Lord's Prayer after dinner. She'll be singing it again tomorrow at a funeral. It really is beautiful.


  1. I have been really busy (at work) so I have not responded timely to your postings. I apologize. I know what you mean by using the internet for spelling. I am not sure my spelling has got worse or better. I usually know when a word doesn't look right, but if I put it in google or word and nothing comes up I am lost. The library is truely beautiful.

  2. Interesting, I have a darling 5th grade boy, Brayan, who is a wiz at spelling. He is my spell-checker:)