Friday, September 3, 2010

Discharged from Therapy!

I went to my last therapy visit today. This is me showing off how I can lift my hands over my head. I thought they were both straight, but I see the left arm is bent. That's my bad shoulder! I guess I'm not 100 percent, yet. I still have to do exercises at home. I've made really great progress and can now curl my hair and put on my seat belt without pain. The one action that's still tough is internal rotation. You can see in this picture how I can put my right hand high up behind my back. My left arm will only go up to the small of my back. This looks pretty bad, till you consider that a month ago I couldn't put my left hand behind my back even a few inches. The good news is that This motion is not something I use much in real life, so I'm not in much discomfort!

It will be nice not to have to go to therapy anymore. I'll miss the nice therapist, but not the mean one!