Monday, September 27, 2010


We went to the National Arboretum on Saturday, where we took the tram tour, which gives an overview of your tax dollars at work. We ate a  picnic lunch in the grove of State Trees, where we found Montana's Ponderosa Pine, as well as Utah's Blue Spruce. 

I like this shot of the columns moved from the old capital building.
There were a bunch of people dressed up in Victorian clothing just for the fun of it. What could be more fun than wearing a helmet with a pointy top!

Volunteers served up lemon cookies and lemonade in the herb garden. It was the next best thing to a trip to Sam's Club!

We finished up the visit at the Bonsai exhibit. The trees were so cute that I wanted to put one in my pocket and take it home with me!
The carp at the visitor's center look like they're saying, "Feed me! Feed me! We were sorry we had nothing to offer!

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