Monday, September 6, 2010

Kayak Adventure

I've been dying to go kayaking all summer. We finally had a chance to go today. We rented kayaks at Piney Run, a lake owned by Carroll County, which is, coincidentally, the county we live in! The weather was perfect today, and we enjoyed paddling around the lake, checking out the flora and fauna.

So, my wishes were finally fulfilled! I was happy that Ed and Amanda also enjoyed kayaking. (I let them beat me in the kayak races just so they would like it!)

Other than the fact that the boat hurt Ed's back, and I got seasick by the end of the hour, everything was great!

Amanda gave me a lily that I suspect she might have decapitated with her oar. It makes a lovely table decoration, as well as a memory of a lovely outing at the end the summer.


  1. I looks it was a beautiful day for kayaking. Are you pretty sore today. I love the picture of the lily. we don't see to many lilies in Colorado. Have you ever though what it would have been like if the European had discovered the west coast first and then traveled east. instead of parrie dogs and buffalo, things like water lilies and fire flies would have seemed exotic.

  2. I love kayaking. It is so peaceful yet exhilarating! What a great way to end your summer.