Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Black Eyed Susan Flyer

We had band practice today, and we're close to being ready for our gig this month. We took a picture for a publicity shot for our flyer. We missed Carrie at practice today, but we're happy that Crystal is going to play with us at our gig! She is a great addition to our old lady band!

Here's our song list:

Soldier Set
When the World’s on Fire
Tennesse Waltz
Polly Wolly Doodle
You’re My Ticket to the Carpool Lane
The Water is Wide
Golden Slippers
I’ll Fly Away

We'll have to either sing real slowly or talk a lot to fill up 45 minutes!


  1. That's nine songs, that should do it. I have 12 for our 45 minute set, but I have a couple that are going to get thrown out the window if time runs short. That's cool that you are doing an original tune. I should maybe get that brave.

  2. Didn't you write "Your My Ticket to the Carpool Lane," Judy? Have you written an original tune, G-Bab?

  3. @Judy was just thinking about your concert and wishing you luck. I hope you are going to record whe the world's on fire. I want to hear your arrangement. Will you have to wear a bandage on your face or are you doing better?

    @Ver I am not as experienced as Judy, but I have written songs. Most recently I wrote a song called Desert Willow that you can see on my YouTube channel -- ifthouartmerry. I also wrote the lyrics to the Rocky Point song that Joe sang. I will probably get brave this week and teach desert willow to the band I may have to post it so they have a chance to practice it before our band night.