Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome to the Backyard

We're almost finished with the back yard! It turned out so beautiful. Here is the walkway from the driveway, with our buckeye tree on the right.

Here are the steps to the lower level, complete with our crazy looking Dr. Seuss tree at the curve of the pathway.

The pathway steps have garden on either side of them, with clematis for the trellises.

There are some dwarf crepe myrtle in front of the rec room windows.

We have a nice fire pit with some chairs by the basement door. Anyone for s'mores?


  1. It all turned out soooo beautiful !!! LoVe it!

  2. I'm always up for s'mores -- I can almost smell them cooking :)

  3. SO lovely! I hope I get to visit soon and see it in person :)

  4. Beautiful! I'm up for s'mores, now just to get there....

  5. Absolutely beautiful! We are going to miss all of the construction fellows, you need to hurry and think of a new project!