Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crystal's First Crabs

Last Friday Lenny and Kay took Crystal and me out for crabs to thank us for helping with the horses. We went to Captain Dan's Crab Shack right here in Eldersburg.

It was Crystal's first experience cracking a crab open and fishing for that tiny morsel of succulent meat inside. She had an injury midway through the second crab, but the waitress brought her a band-aid to staunch the bleeding on her thumb. She thought we were all done till Lenny ordered up another platter!

It's a lot of work, but a nice way to pass an afternoon while visiting, shucking and nibbling!


  1. I used to love seafood, but now it scares me. Knowing that Crystal got injured -- well I can only surmise that seafood is more dangerous than horses.

  2. Nice way to thank Crystal.