Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rose Ball

The Columbia Stake has an annual Rose Ball for adults. They actually pay money to have a 20 piece jazz band play for it! I was the number two person in charge of it this year. It was a major worry, and is now, thankfully, over. It was Saturday night. I'd been fighting a cold, which finally got the better of me after the dance. So, I've been laying around the house moaning for the past several days.

I was in charge of publicity and entertainment. The entertainment chairperson fell through 2 weeks before the ball, so it was hard getting people to perform on short notice (during the band's break). I enlisted the help of the Black Eyed Susans, but they also fell like flies. Tricia got sick, Carrie went to New York, and Kaylene's daughter had prom that night. Ed and Crystal filled in for them, and with Mary and Helen we still had a band. We did our only song, Jambalaya.  We were so great that one of the ladies asked me in Relief Society the next day if she could join the band!

Here are Ed and Crystal kicking up their heels as Ed teaches her how to do the fox trot!


  1. I am sure you did an excellent job. Looks like Crystal came back just in time.

  2. Yeah for family! Congrats -- hope you are feeling better.