Friday, May 27, 2011

The Circle of Visiting Teaching

I really appreciate the visiting teaching program of the church. It helps us make friends in a very individual way with other sisters in the ward. I've made great friends in Maryland (as everywhere we have lived) through visiting teaching. But, the friendships don't stop with just your partner and the people you visit. Often the circle grows to the people the people you visit visit. (That's some sentence structure, but I hope you understood my meaning!)

Mary (who I visit) invited me to a luncheon of people she visits. This really was because Crystal is taking over her route with Helen. But, nonetheless, I enjoyed a lovely luncheon Wednesday with an interesting group of ladies (Helen, Diane, Mary, Ruth and Crystal).

And on Thursday June and I took the people we visit (Mary and Barb, as well as Crystal) to the temple in DC. It is an hour's ride each way, and provided us with ample opportunity to visit (and have lunch together) on the way back. I'm grateful for visiting teaching and the opportunities it provides for making friends!

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