Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fire Road Clean Up

We had a fun Relief Society mini-activity today, cleaning up the fire road. I went in search of 6 blue beer cans, which we sadly missed on the walk down. I'll have to pick them up on another walk.

We had the Stangers and Iffy Iroanya come with us (as well as Crystal and Coda). The majority of the cleanup was at the reservoir where there were plenty of bottles and broken glass. It was also fun picking up cigarette butts! There is a certain sector of society that thinks the world is their ash tray!


  1. 6 Blue Beer Cans -- now that sounds like a song :)

  2. Hi Sister Judy and Crystal Bush, i had fun cleaning up the reservoir with you. Picking up the trash and broken beer bottles made me promise myself not to litter or encourage littering.
    ( Lesson learned ). We look cute in the picture.

  3. I guess my age is showing. My Mom taught me that I wouldn't throw garbage on the floor of my house why would I throw trash on the God's floor. You live in such a beautiful part of America. Your house is coming along splendidly and looks beautiful.