Saturday, May 7, 2011

Miss Carol Comes Home

Miss Carol came home yesterday. It was about time. She'd been hospitalized for 6 weeks. Crystal and I made a nice sign to welcome her home. She'll have to use a walker to get around, but her leg is starting to heal, and she can walk short distances, so they finally let her come come. She called to tell us she enjoyed her sign. I'll wait till my cold gets better before I stop by to see her.

I took Crystal and Coda down to the reservoir yesterday afternoon. The rain has made everything lush and beautiful. The water level is so high that you can't see the garbage that usually is laying around at the edge of the lake. This is too bad, because we're cleaning up garbage next week as a Relief Society service project!


  1. Yay! I am happy Miss Carol finally got to come home, here's to wishing her a speedy recovery! I think it is wonderful that you have each other for neighbors, you are both very blessed!

  2. That's a gread service project, because it benefits many.