Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Party

Just to make sure we're always exhausted on New Year's Day, we like to stay up till midnight on New Year's Eve. The Stephens and Iroayna families helped us accomplish that goal this year. Here John and Kaylene are relaxing a little during our big game night.

Things picked up after the Iroanyas arrived. Here Ife plays a game of dice with Ed, the game in which she eventually won the championship. Her mother, Virginia, looks on in the back.

Celeste and John are in the middle of a Lion hunt. They played more than once, with Celeste eventually triumphant, shooting more foam disks in the lions eyes than anyone else!

We finished the games about 10 minutes to midnight, running upstairs to put on our party hats and grab our noisemakers. Stephanie and Lynsey are ready to celebrate a brand new year!

We gathered in the family room for the final countdown, toasting in the new year with Martinelli's sparkling cider!

We had to put a ban on the noisemakers for the last 3 minutes before the ball dropped! Some people were so adept at blowing that we couldn't hear the TV!
We finished with awarding prizes for the winners. Brittany and Crystal came in first and second on Mario Cart. Another great year for the Bush girls!

Isaiah and John came in second and first in pool. This had to do with a lot of people scratching on the eight ball! That is never a very satisfying way to win (or lose) a game!

Ife and Lynsey came in first and second in Dead Man's Dice. Way to go ladies that do really well in a game that is 100% LUCK!

In a twist of fate, I came in second to Ed in Ping Pong! Now THAT is a game of skill!

We missed Amanda, who is somewhere in Germany. We hope to wake up tomorrow morning to an email from her, telling us how she spent her Rockin' New Year's Eve!

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