Sunday, January 15, 2012

Studying the Matter

Yesterday we re-arranged the study. It was a huge job! Not just because we had heavy furniture, but because we had three computers to re-wire. It took all day, with Ed finishing several hours after my work was done. Poor Ed! This is the 'before' picture. He had the desk in front of the window.

Another 'before' pictures shows my desk in the right-hand corner of the room.
This is an 'after' picture. I now have the space in front of the window. There are several pros to the new design:

1. The room looks bigger without Ed's desk return in the middle of it.
2. I no longer feel claustrophobic, boxed in the corner.
3. The home entertainment computer is now by Ed's desk, so I can no longer cause harm by accidentally kicking wires loose.
4. The blinds on the window can be raised and lowered, as my desk is narrower and easier to reach across than Ed's desk.
5. The window is more open, as it is not blocked by two computer monitors.
6. There is a heater vent by my new spot, so I hopefully won't get as cold in the winter.
7. I can see out the doorway to my left, which also makes me feel less boxed in.

I cleaned out all the storage cabinets, which opened up new storage space. I had been thinking that I'd need to order a new desk, but all we needed was to get rid of the center portion of my old desk. We also ordered a new printer cart (left). It will hold the three printers and will replace the temporary cabinet between our desks.

I feel a little sorry for Ed. Not only did he spend an extra three hours fixing my computer which broke during the move (dead power supply), but he also lost his window. I thought he might be consoled by the fact that the right hand return on his desk is now his sole property. It was so close to my chair before that I often seriously encroached upon his territory when I had a project underway.

I have a lot of projects in mind that require the use of the computer. I'm looking forward to getting started on them in my beautiful new office!


  1. It looks so nice Judy! It feels more open and airy! Nice job =D ( now that you've had some good practice....I have a space for you to do that thing you do so well!!?!)

  2. It looks like it was a lot of work, hopefully it will not have to be changed for a long, long time.