Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We have the nicest hotel in Rexburg. It makes me want to stay a whole week here. We dropped Crystal off at her apartment this afternoon, but she also likes our hotel so much that she wants to stay with Grandma and me!

Since she has no friends here, we took pity on her and let her stay the night with us at the Springhill Suites. Look how nice they are!

It isn't really true that she doesn't have friends here. Cousin Abby met us for dinner tonight. We had a great meal at a Thai restaurant, where we learned more about Abby and her mission to Norway (among other things).

The weather has been great, mild and no snow. I don't see what the big deal is about all those people complaining about winter in Idaho! What a bunch of pansies!


  1. Rexburg can get cold, but more important it warms up, and then when it gets cold everything freezes and it gets icy. The whole city is either uphill or downhill. Going uphill on icy pathways is not so bad, but going downhill is a nightmare.