Sunday, January 29, 2012

Haz lo Justo (Choose the Right)

I led the music in the Spanish branch Primary today. As a stake music leader I normally just visit and watch, but their chorister is in Venezuela, so they asked me to help out. My initial reaction, was, "You've got to be kidding! Me work?" But, then, I buckled down and learned the music in time for church. The new song for the year is "Como un Hijo de Dios." I walked around the house with a copy of it in my back pocket for three days. I finally got it memorized.

We compared listening to the light of Christ (represented by the candle) to listening to the advice of man (represented by the magic eight ball smiley face that Verlene gave me for Christmas). Although the eight ball was fun, it is not a good source of revelation!

The junior primary put together the jigsaw puzzle I made (above), and the Senior had to put together the words for the scripture of the month. It was fun doing Primary again, and a real challenge to do it all in Spanish. Now I need a nap!

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  1. On one hand, I am kind of offended that you are not using your magic eight ball for advice. On the other hand, I am glad that you were able to use it as a teaching tool. Did I mention the plastic cards that I would like to send you to make me guitar pic came from AARP?