Friday, January 20, 2012

Now We're Cooking

During the holidays I blew up my stove top. This was very traumatic (and loud)! But thanks to a very clever and handy husband, my stove is just like new.

It all started with my pot filler water (upper left hand of this picture). I started filling up the spaghetti pot and then became distracted by a question from one of my daughters (who I don't really blame for this). The water went over the top and into the basin of the stovetop. I didn't realize there was so much water underneath, and when I tried to light the burner it filled up with gas but didn't ignite. I tried again a minute later and it blew up the ceramic top! I was frightened but, thankfully unhurt. There was glass everywhere! We ordered a new stove top, which came this week, and Ed installed it yesterday. It looks perfect. I'm lucky I lived to learn from this mistake. I'll NEVER do that again!


  1. That pot filler thing is the best idea EVER! How have I never heard of such a thing before?? Someday I will have one of those!

    P.S. Glad you're okay :)

  2. So ya blew up your stove? I don't want to hear about how phone challenged we are at my house anymore. Sounds to me like we all have issues.

  3. You're always looking for a little excitement aren't you? ;-)