Friday, March 2, 2012

Baltimore Museum of Art and Hampden District

We went to the Baltimore Museum of art this afternoon. We had never been, and the price seemed right--free! We couldn't believe the magnolias were already in bloom. They looked so pretty.

It is a very nice museum, with lots of pictures, sculpture and pots from all over the world.

I had to take a picture of these pear jars for my sister, Verlene, who has been searching for her inner pear through painting. You can check out her artwork on the link from my blog (lower right) to her blog, Ambition Knows No Bounds. These pears were from Hungary.

I liked this picture of the cellist. Gaugin put his own face on the player. I guess he must have wished he could play the cello. I'm glad I can!

There was so much to see that Ed had to stop and "Think" about it.

I also liked this picture of the lady in the red dress by Elisabeth Lousie Vigee LeBrun.

After the museum we went to the nearby Hampden district, where we walked around the shops and stopped to eat at the Hon Cafe. Apparently, Baltimorans say "hon" to each other a lot. Who knew? The meatloaf was great, and the blueberry cherry crumb pie even better!

The cafe had a giant pink flamingo out front. Apparently, this is in homage to John Waters, a favorite son of Baltimore who based his movies in town. His movie, Pink Flamingo, is a cult classic, which is also NC-17 rated. It's one part of Baltimore culture we will NOT be seeing!

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  1. Thanks for the inspirational pears, I am redoing the pears as we speak. I was unaware that Gaugin painted anything but the south pacific. The museum must be pretty well funded to have original paintings painted by the old masters.

    The flamingo is just weird. What happens when the wind is over 30 MPH? I hate it when people call me 'hon.' Just saying.