Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Website!

I have a brand new website,! It is very cool to have my own domain name! I'll use it to post sheet music I've put together over the years. When we choose a song for either family band or my old (and not so old) ladies' band, I look first on the internet. Most folk music and many hymns are in the public domain. However, although it is easy to find chords and/or lyrics, it is often hard to find the melody. So, I've decided to share my lead sheets hoping that someone out there in cyberspace might benefit from my work. The site currently has about 20 songs, but will be growing daily!

I'll also be posting any arrangements I've put together for strings, as well as original songs. You can access these pdf files by clicking on the link here, or the link on the top right hand side of this page! Enjoy!


  1. Website looks great. i like the way you have organized it.