Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pearl Strings Publicity Photos

We took a few photos today for our next publicity flier. The first one is in our swing under our deck. This has some charm, but I'm noticing that June looks like a midget! She's not that short, so I can only assume she was trying to be invisible!

The second shot is on the steps in the backyard. Alisa suggested a nice angle for this. I'm thinking it might look nice as an album cover!

We had to take several takes to keep Kate and Coda out of the pictures.

Apparently, everyone and their dog wants to be in our band!


  1. Have you seen that commercial for the cloud where you can take out unwanted parts of any picture?

  2. I think we just need to induct Coda as a band member, because the last picture is by far the best. Apparently Coda makes us all smile!!!