Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Ornamental Grass

Roni and John brought me a new ornamental grass yesterday. They have such a nice garden that they have extra plants which they share with me.  I'll plant the new grass next to it's sister grass, which I was told I must trim down. It looks so pretty even in the winter. I hate to give it a haircut until I have to!

They also brightened up Coda's day by bringing Molly over to play. Coda has a limited circle of friends--two pugs and a brown lab. She doesn't get out much!


  1. What nice neighbors you have! Coda may not have a big circle of friends, but it's quality not quantity that matters.

  2. I think Cody lives the ultimate dog life! Family who love her, quality friends with farm animals nearby and open space to run in. What dog could ask for better?!!