Friday, March 23, 2012

Date Night at Turf Valley

Friday night is date night, which means we get to go out to eat. We don't usually go to fancy (expensive) places, but Carrie gave us really good coupons for Turf Valley this week! They were too good to pass up. It was so nice that we almost ate on the patio. I was lured back inside by the guitar player, who had a harmonica around his neck!

The coupons were in honor of their complete remodel of the restaurant. The most distinctive feature was these colorful ceiling lamps. It is now an American Fusion restaurant. I don't really know what fusion means, but I think it is sort of like new age for restaurants.

The food was great. We both had the New York strip steak Oscar with lump crab meat on top. It was delicious. I almost got the big piece, but then Ed cleverly realized that the smaller one must be the well done one. So, I had to switch with him. That will teach me to order well done! I'm sorry to report we ate the entire thing! No doggie bag for poor Coda!

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