Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bird Party at the Bushes

We've been enjoying watching the birds 'flock' to our feeder. We call them our birds. We also own a gazillion chirping insects in our copse. The birds are camera shy, but with a little patience and Ed's zoom lens I was able to get a few pictures. This is a cardinal. Maybe it's a female because it is brownish on the body!

This is a blackish-gray bird that is  very clever at balancing on a wire.

This is a cool brown and white bird with a stripe on the side of his head!

These are three amigos having dinner together.

This looks like two of the three amigos. The third one flew the coop!

If you are a bird watcher and can identify any of our birds, we'd love to know what they are!

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  1. I'm posting these comments from my friend, Barb Keller:

    Sorry it has taken so long. to answer. For some reason I thought I could answer from your Prairie Page! It
    did not work,
    Very nice group of birdes, You have a good start and you will see alot more than you can imagine.
    The first bird is a Female Cardinal.. Then you have a cow bird. They lay their eggs in other birds' nests.
    The cow bird will end up knocking the other birds out of their own nest. Then you have a little chipping
    sparrow, cute and they do a little chipping noise. Then there is a pair of house finches and a house sparrow,
    Then another pair of house finch's. However you may have some purple finch, because the the red on the
    previous pair is much darker. I would need to see more to know for sure. To me it is always exciting to see the different kinds birds, especially in your own yard on your feeder. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy. (good pictures)