Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Cherry Blossom time in Carroll County

We may have missed the cherry blossoms in Washington DC last month, but we're enjoying them here in Carroll County. The season is a little later here, and our own tree is in full bloom! Our neighbors have even more impressive displays, but one day our tree will also be big and beautiful!

We're just a little north of Washington DC, but we're 600 feet higher in elevation (they are at sea level). I wonder if that is why our trees are three weeks later... Here's a question I'm throwing out into cyberspace: "Are your cherry trees blooming, wherever you are?"


  1. I don't have cherry trees, but I have tent caterpillars in my Cottonwoods. (I think I am going to throw up.)

  2. No cherry blossoms, but my decorative apple tree is in full bloom and the lilacs will be out soon. I love spring.

    I have two maples in the backyard and one sprouts buds about 6 week earlier than the other. And one that buds early turns yellow/orange faster in the fall.

  3. There are a lot of pink blooms in the neighborhood, Don't know what kind of trees they are.

  4. Ever hear the song "Carrol County Accident?"
    Here is the link: