Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rusty Scupper

Ed and I went to Baltimore yesterday and had lunch at the Rusty Scupper. They had a 30th anniversary special. The price was $19.82 to commemorate the year the restaurant opened. Ed was a little bummed that 30 years ago was only 1982. We remember that year! It made us feel old. The food was great, and the view of the harbor perfect.

All kinds of boats passed our window, including this pirate ship. We were glad we were safely behind that wall of glass!

We strolled along the waterfront and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Baltimore, especially this giant pink poodle advertising the Museum of Visual Arts. Maybe we'll have to visit them sometime!

We finished our tour by driving by the new wing of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. It was dedicated this week by Mayor Bloomberg, of New York, who gave $120 million for it! I guess it pays to have alumni that do well in business! It was very beautiful with the colored panels in the windows. Baltimore has a LOT of very big hospitals. This makes one wonder if it is a great center for medicine, or a great conglomeration of very sick people!


  1. I really must be from small town USA. No pink poodles or pirate ships in our town :(

  2. Wow! Who knew Baltimore was such a visual art mega? Love the pink poodle and the pirate ship. Not sure about the colored windows. I would be afraid that they would eventually date the hospital.