Monday, April 23, 2012

Nordic Walk with Coda

I decided to up the ante with Coda today and walk with TWO sticks instead of one. I thought if I was carrying a stick all the time, I might as well take my Nordic walking poles and get some upper body exercise while we were walking. It wasn't like riding a bike. I couldn't remember out to get the little hand gloves on, then I didn't remember that you alternate arms (I started by pushing with both arms at the same time). Then, as you can see, even though I thought I had it down pat, I was unable to get a simple picture of myself in the correct form (planting the pole simultaneously with the foot on the opposite side). However, on the upside, it worked very well with Coda, and she only had to be reminded occasionally not to pull on the leash. The other downside is the neighbors might all think I'm a nut case. Nordic walking is not exactly something you see every day in Maryland. It was drizzling outside, and too wet to walk the fire road so we just strut our stuff right down the middle of Oakland road!

1 comment:

  1. It may look funny in your 'hood.' But all I see is how green and lush Maryland looks.