Friday, June 29, 2012

Chippin' and Skippin'

Yesterday the landscapers came by to cut up our giant fallen mulberry tree. It was amazing to watch the chipper eat up logs that were 8 inches in diameter!

The large trunk was cut up into different size logs, and we made a little skipping (or walking) course for our future grandchildren. We've had a slow start on the grandchildren project, but by the time we get them, we plan to make sure grandma and grandpa's house is a fun place to visit!


  1. You're closer to having grand kids than I am, and I've already started a toy/book collection. Time to start pressuring the slacker kids.

  2. So that's what a mulberry bush looks like. Too bad that grand kids won't be able to go round and round the mulberry bush.

    I haven't done a single domino since May, ut you have inspired me.

    I order a dremel drill today so I can drill holes in them. I also order the mini dominos and the scrabble tiles. I also go a couple of books on gourds because that is what the October demonstration is going to be.

  3. wow! what a great idea! you are so clever. If you need a grandbaby to test it out on, mine is coming in September!