Friday, September 6, 2013

A Visit with Hobie and Sheila

Yesterday I drove Miss Carol and her sister Alice to visit friends in Virginia. They live in an old farm house on 100 acres in the town of Boyce, about a half mile further down the road from Harper's Ferry.

They are very interesting people. Hobie's grandfather was a well known artist, William Lathrop. He had several of his paintings in the house. This one was entitled "Late Summer" and reminds me so much of the countryside we drove through. It is quite beautiful this time of year.

We had lunch under the gazebo in the back yard. Miss Carol and Alice used to ride horses around Finksburg with Sheila (on the right) and her sister Jean when they were girls. Their friendship goes back a long ways!

For a special treat we brought Miss Carol's pug dogs down with us. Along with Hobie and Sheila's English setter, Charlie (the third), that makes a lot of dogs!

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