Monday, September 23, 2013

Ten Miles to Suzanne's House

Today Suzanne and I did a ten mile walk from my house to her house, mostly on the fire road. We had to do about a mile of surface roads by her house, so we finished off in that direction, hoping Harper would be too tired to pull on her leash! It worked perfectly.

We spent a good deal of time figuring out how we would exchange cars. I drove to her house, she drove me back to my house, where we started walking. Then, I drove her back to my house to pick up her car. Simple? We forgot the little matter of the keys. She left her keys at my house, and I locked my purse in her house. With a little ingenuity and a ladder we were able to solve that problem. All was well that ended well! We were very proud of ourselves!

We did 10 miles averaging less than 16 minutes per mile! And this was NOT flat terrain! If you want to see the elevation changes, check it out at!

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  1. Does not appear robbing the Suzanne would be very hard.