Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autoharp ReDo

I got an old, used autoharp several years ago. It is a little rusty, but sounds just fine. One of the problems I've had with it is it had  keys (chord bars) I don't use much and lacked keys I use a lot. I decided I really didn't need an F7, Bb or a Bm, and really needed an A, Em and Am. I also wanted to switch the position of several bars, from the front row to the back row and vise versa.

So, after looking up how to refelt an autoharp, I launched into the job on Friday. Imagine my shock when I took the bars off and 30 tiny little springs sprang all over my kitchen! I rounded them up and wondered, "How am I going to get this thing back together!"

Cutting the felt was a remarkably smooth exercise. I mapped out my new configuration and had everything just the way I wanted it.

Then I asked Ed to help me reassemble it. He came up with a clever way to get each spring in, but we had to do the bars upside down. We carefully turned them over (without loosing a single one) and screwed it back together before anything could go wrong. And, believe it or not, it works perfectly! It was an interesting project with a very satisfying ending!


  1. I've done this with auto harps. My experience was not a painless as your blog makes it appear :)

  2. PS, what kind of auto harp doesn't have an A, Em or Am?