Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall Festival

Yesterday was the Fourth Annual Eldersburg Ward Fall Festival. Although we've done this 3 times before, this was the first time we hosted it at our house. If I hadn't been so busy I would have taken a ton of pictures! The highlight of the evening was the hayride taken through Miss Carol's farm. Kay (and Coda, in this case) helped Lenny as he drove kids and adults around the farm loop and into the pasture past the horses. Lenny kidded around and made the kids sing with him. Kay gave them a little narration as they went around. Miss Carol hosted a home tour for those that wanted to see the old farmhouse. Thank heavens the sister missionaries were there to help her with the crowds!

We had 27 crocks of chili, and twice that many pies--enough to feed the multitudes that showed up. We couldn't really get a head count as they moved around too quickly, but it was somewhere between 250 and 300! We're lucky to have three elders in our ward as well as sister missionaries. The elders parked cars and carried crock pots down the driveway!

Lenny took a picture of the crowd with his cell phone. He said if we looked carefully we could try to count heads. But this doesn't count the people playing bean bag, ring toss, soccer or Frisbee golf! (Not to mention a half a dozen under the parachute!)

The bishopric did their secret judging in the basement while people started feasting. I didn't have to slip them anything and still won fourth place for my chili, which I named "Swine Fever," as it had three different kinds of pig meat! I was very proud!

The Pearl Strings played two farm songs, both titled, Down on the Farm, as well as Country Roads. The Big Bush Basement Band did Puff the Magic Dragon, and the activity day girls (I wish I had a picture!) did Michael Row the Boat Ashore and He's Got the Whole World in His Hands! 

We were also lucky to have a trio perform the Clarinet Polka. Ed did a great job emceeing, as did Marsha Searle in leading the dancing.

The highlight of the evening was select ward members dancing to Old MacDonald Had a Farm. We had some incredible dancers dressed as animals. Ellen Trusty capped it all off by coming in as the farmer's wife, twirling a fire baton! It was incredible!

From what we've heard, the party was a roaring success. Ed and I were pooped by the time the day was over. Sadly, Ed threw his back out right after we finished cleaning up. He picked up one last pumpkin and never stood up straight again.

Lenny had a great time pulling the tractor and said, "We're doing this again next year, aren't we?" Ed said,"We'll never do this again!" We'll wait and see if he softens his tune next year!


  1. I can't believe you were able to host that many people and still have time to talk to me yesterday about my issues! Crystal did not get my email until it was too late, but she emailed me and let me know she was okay.

  2. Wow! That's almost more fun than a person can handle!

  3. Whew, your ward must love you. What a great party!