Friday, September 6, 2013

Lost in the Woods

Ed took the day off today and we decided to go for a little walk, exploring a portion of the fire trail we had not yet walked. We parked the car along Route 32 and turned west into the woods. We started out confident and happy. Coda took the lead and Ed got a nice stick to knock down spider webs. We had a map and a GPS with us, neither of which kept of from taking several wrong turns. Our little walk ended up lasting 4 hours!

We climbed over and under fallen trees...

...through the briars and thistles by an electrical clear cut...

...through tall grasses and between pretty yellow flowers...

 ... skirted the edges of a soybean field..

...and crossed several creeks without getting our feet wet. We finally we had to break down and take our shoes off!

We took a wrong turn in at least three places, and had to backtrack a good deal. We came out on London Bridge Road where it crosses Morgan Run. Then we had to plunge back into the woods.

We were still smiling here, not realizing that we were not out of the woods yet. We were not even half done! We used Map My Walk to document our walk, but were gone so long that the cell phone ran out of battery! I saved the route at 7.44 miles (, and then we continued to walk another mile before we reached the car (parked on Irving Ruby Road)! I told Ed we'd have to walk that route more efficiently next time. He told me there will be NO next time!

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