Friday, December 20, 2013

Carol of the Bells for Guitar

I've been learning more classical guitar arrangements the past six months. This arrangement of Carol of the Bells is what I've been working on for Christmas. It's not perfect, but I've come a long way!

I played it for Coda, who just sat on the couch listening. It was then I noticed a little shiny wrapper on the floor.

Coda had found one of the chocolate ornaments left over from Activity Day. It must have been low on the tree. Fortunately, it was hollow, and the dog seems to be fine. She was really sorry...sorry she got caught!

1 comment:

  1. When Brandy managed to eat eight little Hersheys left over from Halloween about 6 years ago, I went to internet instead of the vet, who told me that milk chocolate really did not have that much chocolate in it and unless she was vomiting, had really bad diarrhea or was shaking she would be fine. I took her to the dog park and she ran around like she was possessed.