Friday, December 27, 2013

Record Day

We started recording our new CD today, and actually completed our first 4 songs today! We're feeling really good about ourselves. Here's where the work really starts for Ed!

Crystal is playing a lot of pennywhistle this year, but we still needed Brittany to add a second pennywhistle on the Cradle Hymn. And what song would be complete without an autoharp? John was willing and able to help out with that.

Amanda's big accordion made it hard for her to get anywhere near the snack table!

I'm playing a lot of guitar, which is appropriate, considering I've been taking lessons for a couple of years now. The lessons are paying off and I'm feeling more confident and have more ideas on how to play certain chords.

We also took some publicity shots for our album next year. It's just a boatload of fun wiggling our heads and having Google's Auto Awesome animate the shots.

I don't know if I like the pictures on the stairs or in front of the fireplace better. Any suggestions for next year's album cover?

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