Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sixty one Christmases

Christmas morning is not what it used to be! By the time the 'kids' came downstairs it was broad daylight!

Coda says, "You got all these presents and nothing for me?" Thank heavens Lenny had given her a new purple monkey!

Ed and I looked cute in our matching jammies!

For dinner we had fondue. We had lots of dips and sauces. The baba ghanoush was a new experience for us, but we all loved it. The cheese dip turned out great, as well, and chocolate dipped fruit and cake was a perfect way to finish up!

This was my sixty-first Christmas, but only my sixtieth birthday! I have to say every one is better than the one before! We're at a wonderful stage of life and are so appreciative of our family and friends and the opportunities and experiences we've had throughout the years.

I should be happy about the newest addition to our extended family, who was born yesterday. Little Noah, in St. George, UT, made my sister, Joan a grandma. I have to admit there is a side of me that doesn't want to share my Christmas birthday with him--as if it takes away with my own specialness! Perhaps by the time I meet him I'll have time to adjust to the inevitability and rejoice with him in our specialness together! After all, sharing a birthday with Jesus is what made the day special in the first place!

Okay, Noah is kind of cute! I've got to get me one of those (grandbabies, that is)!

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