Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Relief Society Christmas Program

Last night was our Relief Society Christmas party, and the Eldersburg Ward Bell Ringers had their debut. If we do it again next year we're going to need a name! Here are some suggestions:

The Undead Ringers
The Bell Curves

Feel free to leave a few more suggestions in the comments! The ringers are Mickey, Suzanne, Carrie, Judy and Tricia. My favorite part of our practices was Carrie saying, "Oh, can we do it again, please?" She just loved ringing!

We were very proud to get all our runs in Angels We Have Heard on High in this video from the event. It's like a house of cards. If one person messes up, it's curtains for everyone!

We also did O Come All Ye Faithful, but the take from our practice Monday was better. The pole in the basement makes it look like split screen! Oh, well!

We did Away in a Manger in a Set with Angels we Have Heard on High, but didn't get it all recorded last night, so here is a tape from our practice Monday. Watch with this one till the end to watch Suzanne celebrate!

In other news, it was so nice Miss Carol was able to come with me and I was also proud of the Pearl Strings, who did a stellar job on God Rest Ye Merry Gentelemen with violin, cello, clarinet, djembe and finger cymbals!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I am so sad I miss this last night. I love all of you ladies and I want to join the Eldersburg ward bell ringers. I love bell choirs! I like Belladonnas, ReBELLious Ringers, or the Ringlets :) haha