Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Musical Day

I started voice lessons last Monday with Lynette Casey, who was highly recommended by my bandmate, Jen. I never in my life expected to take a voice lesson, but after mixing recorded songs for the Pearl Strings this year, I decided I needed a vocal intervention. I only sing a verse here and there, or maybe harmonize occasionally. But, as I listened to the recordings, it became painfully obvious that I needed help! My only goal is to sing in tune. We're hoping some proper singing technique will fix the problem. It turns out learning to breathe is a bigger problem than one would think. I spent all week trying to find new muscles around my ribcage. I think I found a couple!

Then I went to guitar lessons with the great Frank Dalzell, where I felt much more in my element. It was fun, though because I used Sentimental Journey, one of my guitar songs for my voice lesson. After I learn how to sing I'll be the whole package! (Or, alternately, I can continue turning the volume on my vocal tracks down low!)


  1. You are my inspiration. I have couple of new techniques I want to learn, unfortunately I can't afford the teacher.

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