Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pearl Strings Recording Session

The Pearl Strings started recording our summer songs today. It was tangled mess of wires, but went much better than last time. This time the computer didn't freeze up on me, thanks to Ed telling me the input device from the FireStudio is not "hot swappable." Who knew?

The only problems we had today were the headphone wires had to be wiggled just right to be able to hear each other. June got some nice pictures of us. Here's Jen getting ready to sing!

We were glad Barb was home from Florida long enough to record! She is the foundation of the band!

June is not only a great singer, but she's pretty good with her i-phone as well! Without her help we wouldn't have these great pictures to remind us how much fun we had today--which we truly had.

But, wait, where is Helen? follow these chords...

There she is in the closet! Me made her go in the closet because she was playing to loud! She was a good sport and we had a good laugh about it!

It is fun being a member of the Pearl Strings!

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