Friday, May 16, 2014

Save it for a Rainy Day

It has been threatening to rain all week, and last night it started in earnest. It was like an entire weeks worth of rain is falling in one day!

We have such a lovely stream in our back yard when it rains.

Mushrooms popped up overnight!

Coda hates being out in the rain, but doesn't know that if she stood with me under the umbrella she could keep dry.

Even the horses wouldn't venture outside the barn. They ordered their breakfast inside today.

Coda usually likes to chase geese and deer while I'm inside the barn. Today she would not leave the barn unless she was sure it was necessary!

Since I had my cool red rubber boots on I took a walk up to the culvert to see how our new grass was faring. The grass on the right looks like it will survive. The rest of it is covered by mud from the road drainage!

And the drama continues inside our poor shed. There is so much water draining from the deck that it splashes outside the gutter pipe.

To get a better look at it, I took a video. The good news is, that the foundation in the back corner is dry. That problem has been solved!

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