Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hay, Watch it! and Cinco de Mayo on the Tenth!

Ed came over to the barn to help me get some bales of hay down. He was very careful not to fall into the hole!

However, if he had fallen down, I would have been there to catch him (or at least break his fall)!

Ed gave Bali a good scratch today. I don't know why she lets him do it and I can barely touch her! He got in there behind the ears and gave her a vigorous rub. She liked it so much she actually wore him out!

Morgan and Kristen, two of the neighbor girls, dropped by to help with the horses this afternoon. They were very good with the horses, and I enjoyed showing them around!

Afterwards, we went over to Kristen's house, where her mother, Megan, had prepared a Cinco de Mayo feast for the entire street! It was delicious, and a fun way to get to know all the new neighbors on Tally Ho Court! It turns out, they're a nice bunch of people!

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